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Pushkar Travel
Pushkar Travel Pushkar Travel
Pushkar is famous for the Lord Brahma Temple and camel fair, also called as Pushkar Fair. Pushkar is also an important religious place for Hindus.

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Pushkar Travel Pushkar Travel

Facts about Pushkar
Location: Situated in Eastern Rajasthan.
Distance: Bharatpur (305 km), Jodhpur (210 km), Udaipur (303 km), Kota (200 km)
STD Code: 0145
Population: 1.8 millions
Area: 9.8 sq km
Language: Hindi, English & Rajasthani
Altitude: 413 meters
Clothing: Summer light tropical (cotton) for summer & Light woolen for winter

Pushkar Travel

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Pushkar Travel

Pushkar Travel


Pushkar Climate Weather
In Summer:45 C (Max) - 25 C (Min)
In winter: 22 C (Max) - 8 C (Min)
Rainy Season : from July to Mid Sept, and very humid (Upton 90%)
Our suggestion: Sept. Dec.

Hot Attraction
Pushkar Fair
The well-known and marked with largest participation of all the festivals of Rajasthan, Pushkar is an important pilgrimage as well as the venue of a mammoth cattle fair. Bazaars, auctions, music and sports are highlight of this event. Recommended. Pushkar History
Pushkar the sister city of Ajmer, is only 11 kms away from the city. Accounts of this city can be founded in the 4th century writing of the Chinese traveler Fa-Hien and also in the scripts writing during the era of Muslims invasions. Pushkar is famous for its fairs and festivals and for Brahma Temple. It is said that in a battle Lord Brahma killed the demon Vajra Nabh with a lotus flower whose petals floated down to earth and landed in three places in and Pushkar where Lakes sprang up. the bath at Pushkar is thought to be more important than at any other place. The holy dip in this lake on Kartika Purnima is thought to be salvation giving. Pushkar is very dear to Lord Brahma. The place is famous in His name. So it is blessed by Him in every way. In olden times the people who took a holy dip at Pushkar were relieved from all the sins and went to heaven after their death by the grace of Lord Brahma. According to another legend back in a legendary time Lord Brahma was flying over the Rajasthan desert on his swan when some petals fell from his hand and drifted down. Miraculously, blue lakes sprang up where the flowers had touched the soft sands. Just then, Lord Brahma realized that this was the auspicious moment to perform a fire sacrifice.

Reaching Pushkar
By Air
The nearest airport from Pushkar is Jaipur. Jaipur is well connected to all the major cities which includes Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jodhpur, Udaipur. Recently, flights to Dubai has also started from Pushkar by Indian Airlines.
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By Bus
Pushkar is 11 km from main Ajmer bus stand. Rajasthan Roadways run very comfortable deluxe buses from Jaipur. There are buses from Jaipur to Ajmer every 15 minutes, some nonstop. The roads are very good, and it takes around 3 hrs from Jaipur. You can also come by hire private cars.
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By Train
The nearest railway station for Pushkar is Ajmer, which is on the Broad Gauge and hence connected to all the metro cities of India. There are daily trains from Delhi in morning (Shatabdhi Exp).
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Getting Around
Pushkar is a relatively small town and easy enough to get around on foot There are no auto-rickshaws in the town center. A bicycle is best to get around.

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Pushkar Travel

Pushkar Travel
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