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Nathdwara Travel
Nathdwara Travel Nathdwara Travel Nathdwara Travel
Nathdwara - Sacred Vaishnava temple of Lord Srinathji in Nathdwara.

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Nathdwara Travel Nathdwara Travel

Facts about Nathdwara
Location: South of Jaipur.
Distance: Jaipur ( km), Jodhpur ( km), Udaipur (48 km)
STD Code: 02953
Area: 9.8 sq km.
Language: Hindi, English & Rajasthani
Altitude: 413 meters
Clothing: Summer light tropical (cotton) for summer & Light woolen for winter

Nathdwara Travel

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Nathdwara Travel

Nathdwara Travel


Nathdwara Climate Weather
In Summer:42 C (Max) - 25 C (Min)
In winter: 22 C (Max) - 0 C (Min)
Rainy Season : from July to Mid Sept, and very humid (Upton 90%)
Our suggestion: Sept. Dec.

Hot Attraction
The Srinathji Temple
Srinathji represents the form of Krishna, in which he lifted the Govardhana hill and subdued Indra the king of Devas who was sending an incessant downpour of rain, causing immense hardship to the cow herds of Gokul. The image of Srinathji is believed to have been a self manifested one.
Nathdwara History
NathdwaraAt about 90 min. drive (about 48 kms) from Udaipur in Rajasthan lies a very popular dham, Nathdwara set amidst idyllic hills on the left bank of the Banas river, where one can see devotees in large numbers flocking for worship. The place is most popular for its sacred Vaishnava temple of Lord Srinathji, the manifestation of Lord Krishna.Sri Nathdwara or the gateway leading to the Srinathji is also the centre of the Pushtimarg Sampradaya, a doctrine created by Jagat guru Sri Vallabhacharya. One can find the idol of Srinathji, sculpted out of one piece of black marble belonging to the 12th century and was first installed by Sri Vallabhacharya in a small temple at Jatipura, near Mathura. The little town is a honeycomb of lanes and alleys leading to the hub of activity, the Srinathji temple. The Haveli of Srinathji(as the temple is called), was once a royal palace of the Rajput rulers. Over 1000 devotees reach the temple early in the morning to serve the Lord, each day of the year. Getting up during the early hours for the first darshan is a regular observation where Lord Sir Nathji resides in regal splendour. Darshans or glimpses of Srinathji can be sought 8 times in the day. Collectively known as Ashtaya, the 8 darshans are Mangala, Shrungar, Gwal, Rajbhog, Uthhapan, Bhog, Sandhaya Aarti and Shayan. In each of them the leelas (divine manifestations) of the Lord are described and harmonized with His daily routine. Groups of devotees constantly flush into the temple, pushing, pulling and reaching out, sometimes even getting hurt in the process. The darshan is like a matter of life and death for them, and they endure it bravely eight times in a day just for those few seconds.

Reaching Nathdwara
By Air
Nearest airport is Udaipur (48 km).
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By Bus
Nathdwara is approachable by road from Udaipur (48 km).
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By Train
Rail Nearest railway station is in Udaipur (48 kms).
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